DIY Cree Xlamp LED Grow Light kit
This kit is an inexpensive stepping stone into the world of high power LED grow lights, and assembly
time will be cut down to 15 minutes (compare to 1.5 hours for the current 14w kit).


  • 3 Red Cree Xlamps
  • 1 Royal Blue Cree Xlamp
  • 50,000+ hour lifetime*
  • 6 mounting holes around the periphery
  • No heatsink is necessary!  PCB functions as a heatsink to keep temps cool for long life
  • 30 Degree removable optics
  • 10 watt power consumption (approximate)
  • High efficiency active current regulation circuitry
  • 12-30 volt DC operation
  • Measures 5.5" x 5.5" x 1"
* Lifetime is defined by Cree as a 30% decrease in brightness.  LEDs will still continue to function long after 50,000 hour
milestone is reached.

Because most of the components are small and surface mount, this kit is "mostly assembled".  There
are a handful of parts to install and solder, as well as the optics that need to be mounted.  As with the
other DIY kits, you will need electronics solder and a proper electronics soldering iron.  

Please note: this kit uses HIGH POWER LEDs.  These are the same LEDs that are on our Procyon 100.  
Just 1 of the Cree Xlamp LEDs can replace more than 60 conventional 5mm LEDs.  This is because
they are significantly brighter.  We recommend not staring directly at the LEDs while the light is on
because of the potential of eye damage.  

Recommended coverage area is 1 square foot.
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