100W LED Grow Light

•        56 CREE* Xlamp high power LEDs (40 Red, 16 Blue)
•        100W nominal LED power delivery
•        125W total power consumption
•        Integrated power supply; requires no “ballast”
•        Replaces 400W HID light, giving 75% power savings
•        Covers approximately 10 square feet
•        50,000+ hour LED life**
•        Proudly Made in the USA!

Patents Pending.  Measures 13.5" x 5" x 5", weighs 7lbs.  MSRP is $599.

* Cree currently holds the world record for LED brightness and efficiency.
** 50,000 hour lifetime is defined by Cree as a 30% decrease in brightness.  LEDs will still continue
to function long after the 50k hour milestone is reached.

All Procyon 100 lights ship with ~635nm peak and ~450nm peak wavelength LEDs.  
The Procyon 100 is being sold at indoor gardening and hydroponics stores
across the US.  Please check with your local store for availability.  In addition
to these stores, it is available through these online retailers:



This list will be updated regularly as new online vendors are added.
If you would like to become a distributor, please contact us!